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 HeadCrabNeedsHug's Staff App(making ahead of time)

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PostSubject: HeadCrabNeedsHug's Staff App(making ahead of time)   Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:21 pm

1.) Are you apart of our steam group?Yes
2.) How long have you played?:about an hour but by the time this is out probably a couple of hours
3.) How will you benefit us?:I am looking for a server that has responsible and mature owners yet dont care about age and is not biased and i believe you guys have what im looking for. I will help by managing problems, inform of bugs, share tips and tricks and overall im a friendly guy. I am not a VERY strict admin but I can be and im really helpful. I have fun but in the process dont abuse. I listen well and do what im told.
4.) Do you code lua?:no
5.) Have you released any codes on workshop? if so link us here:no
6.) What is your roleplay name?:HeadCrabNeedsHug
7.) What is your steam Id?:STEAM_0:1:49113433
8.) What is the link to your steam profile?:steamcommunity.com/id/headcrabneedshug
9.) Give us a summery of how long you've played gmod if youve been admin before ect: I have been admin before and i have over 800 hours of play time experience. I know how to use ULX very well, and I love to help when available. I like to be in control or have access to things. I dont abuse but i like fealing helpful so I like being able to create groups for my friend or be help using ULX or stuff.
10.)Put any other info you want to tell us here: Im 13, Male.
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PostSubject: ~Mod   Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:06 am

We apreciate your request to be admin we would like you to play for a little more on the server then re apply and we will then discuss you becoming admin cheers ~Mod
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HeadCrabNeedsHug's Staff App(making ahead of time)
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